I STILL MISS YOU (krpkab) episode 20

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DEV:ma where are u? ..ma..ma?
ISHWARI:arrey wait na I am coming(standing in front of dev)what happen ,why are u so excited (seeing excitement on dev’s face)what happen?did u got a big deal.
DEV:yup something like that but no something very big than that…but first you sit
ISHWARI(sitting on the sofa)ok ok…
DEV:ma remember that I always used to tell you that I will not marry anyone and you always kept smiling as if you knew for sure that this is never going to happen.
ISHWARI:hmm..i remember(getting a bit tensed)

DEV:ma you were right and I was wrong..i have fallen in love …i want to marry my love and you very well know my love..she is Sonakshi Bose.
ISHWARI((a blank expression)
DEV:ma..i know its hard to believe that I -dev Dixit have fallen in love but it is true….ma you are happy na.
ISHWARI:(does not want to say this but says it)ya …i am happy.
DEV:I knew it
NEW ENTRY:aah..that flight travel,so tiring….
Both dev and ishwari look towards the main door.

The new entry :(named Malini,imagine the face of GKB)she is wearing a banarsi saree with gold necklace and big jhumkas in her ears…she is also wearing a oversized sunglasses.she has bought with a her luggage and her mini golden hand purse.
ISHWARI:Malini di
((when dev was not rich and he and his family was thrown on the road as they were not able to pay their rent then it was Malini who kept them in her house….in return ishwari worked for her like a house maid type but Malini loved ishwari’s family especially dev just like a mother hence he calls her masi and as she one or two years bigger than ishwari,ishwari calls her Malini di)

MALINI:yes its me…dev you have grown so big and you look so young.
ISHWARI:Malini di you have called na ,dev would have picked you up from the airport(taking her in and making her sit on the sofa)
MALINI:leave na I have come na but I tell you ishwari this flight journey are so tiring
ISHWARI:hmm..kichu go and arrange the guest room properly and keep Malini di’s luggage in that room
MALINI:dev I have heard that now you are on the most famous bussiness man of Delhi.
DEV(smiles)all because of your aashirvad masi.
MALINI:how sweet.

ISHWARI:by the way Malini di anshita did not come(anshita is malini’s daughter ,u can imagine natasha here)
MALINI:no but she will come soon.
MALINI:I will like to freshen up
ISHWARI:oh sure come I will take you to your room
DEV:ma even I have some work so going out …bye,meet u later masi.
MALINI:sure bye.
ISHWARI:di you can go and freshen up there is the washroom.
MALINI:oh ok.
Malini goes in while ishwari keeps standing there because she wanted to talk something important to her.

MALINI:(comming out)ishwari you are still here?what happen any problem?
ISHWARI:no..actually yes.
ISHWARI:di dev..he told me that he want to marry Sonakshi .
ISHWARI:its not that i don’t like Sonakshi,she is a good girl but i am afraid that she will snatch dev from me or dev will me after he married her.

MALINI:i have never met her but still whenever i hear her name i always get a negative feeling,i don’t think dev will be happy with her.
ISHWARI:but dev loves her?
MALINI:hmmm…you don’t worry ishwari i will manage everything you just do what i say…but for now i want my green tea.
ISHWARI:sure di ..(goes out)
MALINI(to herself)whether that Sonakshi is good girl for dev or not ,i don’t care ….dev will not marry her and that’s my promise!
Dev quite unknown with all that happening is sitting in a restaurant waiting for somebody.(u guess know na,its Sonakshi)

DEV(to himself)why do these girls take a lot of time in getting ready?
SONA:sorry sorry (sitting on the chair )
DEV:what sorry(showing fake anger)i have been waiting here since half an hour and you are coming now.
SONA:(holding her ears)sorry na(was looking so cute like this)
DEV:uff!uyou always do this…ok fine but don’t be late next time.
SONA:ok baba i will not be late.
DEV:ok so what will u have? I have ordered coffee for myself.
SONA:i will have free watermelon juice(dev orders)
DEV:now we bot wil no longer be gf and bf’s!
DEV::ya we will be husband and wife.
SONA:that means aunty ji agreed ??

DEV(nods in yes and smiles)
SONA:what and you are telling this to me now?what are we doing here?i guess i should meet aunty ji na?but..in this,no i guess traditional would be better..(getting excited)
DEV:shhsh! calm down sona ,look after having something we go to meet ma and you need not dress up in something traditional..you will be the same because ma liked you like this na!

SONA:i am so so excited to meet auntiji..i know..
DEV(interuppting her)sona she is not your auntyji anymore…she is your ma now.

so guys how was it?…
she is quite modern yet traditional..she has a daughter named anshita ,her husband has a business currently in USA so they have settled there.

guys i know you would be having many questions some of them could be
is Malini a negative character?what will she and ishwari do?will they succeed?….to know the answers just say tuned!

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  1. Priya12

    Epi was awesomeeee…….I don’t know, .wat thunder is gng 2 fall on devakshi….eager 2 know…post soon dr….shuld I call u di, I am 14..

    1. Amazing ..i ? it….

    2. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you so much dear….
      I will try my best to post soon!
      Well No u cant call me di because I am also of the Sam age but soon going to turn 15 on feb17

  2. Awesome episode dear

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you ?

  3. V.V.harshita

    Awsome di…and I think so…I am the first one to comment….really really awsome plzs post soon

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank u and yes I will try my best to post soon!

  4. Rj12

    Post soon there’s too much suspense

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      I will surely post soon and the suspense will soon end

  5. superb…. Loving it more and more….. Bas aik ishwari hi kafi hai…. Malini bhi negative…And then maybe anshita bhi negative…. Chalo I’m excited to what the track is heading too….

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you
      you are guessing to fast dear…
      i have posted the episode soon you will be able to read it?

  6. Aarti32

    I really missed it..superbia

    1. Rockzzzzzz

      Thank you so much even i missed posting the episodes …

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