“STILL ENEMIES??? Episode 1″

Chapter 1 : Was That A Dream

A girl wearing a short black and pink middy with a pair of black high pencil heels comes out of the mumbai airport moving her hand near her face to show how hot she is feeling.
She is swara……..
“Wow! What a wonderful weather! I m surely gonna melt before sunset…” She commented sarcastically rolling her eyes at the boys drooling over her…
“Stop complaining Drama princess Swara!!!……”her sister wearing a long yellow kurti and black leggings with matching heels said moving out of the airport struggling with her handbag….”Swara…. Where is the music academy’s address??” She asked as she fought with her handbag to find a blue color paper having the address.
“What on earth made you think that i must be knowing where is your academy’s address???” Swara asked as a matter of factly….. Everyone on this planet knew that she was least interested in coming to this place so why will she keep the pamphlet???

“Swara….. Please help me find it”her sister pleaded as Swara made a face.

“Ragini……. See… Your pamphlet is with me…..”said another girl rushing out of the Mumbai airport…. She was wearing a pretty blue knee length frock with pink and red floral designs on it…..

“How did it reach your bag Shanaya?” Ragini asked dubiously while Shanaya shrugged.
“I don’t know!” Shanaya replied making a confused face.

Ragini takes the blue pamphlet and reads aloud “Sur&Tal music academy! Sounds cool”
“Hmm….. Sur&Tal music academy! Sounds fool” Swara said mimicking Ragini and rolling her eyes.
Ragini shot  a look at Swara as Swara shrugged.
“By the way dear Shanaya madam, where is my Cairi? Huh??” Swara asked realizing that there were four of them together and one was missing.
“Uhh!!!” Shanaya rolled her eyes…”she is busy fighting with the security guard” she added.
“Security guard??” Swara exclaimed in horror…… What?? really she was fighting with the security guard?
“Because that idiot took her bag for checking and forgot to return it”Shanaya exclaimed just when another tall girl comes out glaring the guards.
“Shanaya!!! Please stop complaining about me to Swara”Cairi said making a pout face.
“Is okay Cairi…. You got your bag?” Swara asked.
“Yes” Cairi exclaimed with happiness…. Finally she had her bag.
“So what are we waiting for? Let’s go!!!” Ragini said pulling Swara and Shanaya with her as Cairi quietly followed them.

They had a taxi booked at the airport so they didn’t need to wait and they quickly got into their cab…

“Uff!!! I just hope our cars come here soon….. ” Swara said making faces as she loved driving but now she couldn’t drive as her car was back there in London…. She sighed……

“Don’t worry Swara! Baba said that the cars will reach Mumbai in a week!” Cairi chirped.

“Exactly……. In a freaking WEEK!!!” Swara cried as all other girls laughed at her cute expressions.

The drive was long and the girls were tired but they were equally excited to look at their new school….. So they decided to take rest after their academy parade.

There they stood just in front of the academy……. Looking at the huge blue red and yellow board with Sur&Tal written on it….. All including Swara were overjoyed to see the huge and  beautiful two storey building covering a huge distance….

“Swara, i just hope you didn’t lose you admission form!” Ragini asked as she remembered how Swara lost her admission form when they were in college.
“Uhh!!!! No…. I have it… See!!!! ” Swara grunted showing her sister a leaflet.
“Good!” Ragini commented with a chuckle.
“Hm….. by the way, this is not bad huh!!” Swara exclaimed…. She always dreamt of getting admitted to such a music college.
“Told you!” Ragini responded jumping at her sister’s comment.
“Now you both stop you chit chatting or we will be late… “Shanaya scowled at the two as they gave a sheepish smile to her.
“Exactly…. Share your point of views later…. Now let’s get in.”came Cairi’s voice.
“Okay!” Swaragini agreed obediently shaking their heads vigorously.
They finally enter the academy.
Cairi went to the security guard.
“Um….. Uncle, can you please tell us where is the principal’s cabin?” She asked him.
“Sure…. Go straight and take the first left turn”he replied politely as Cairi thanked him with a warm smile and turned to go back to her gang.
“Straight and left” she informed them.
“So let’s go then!” Ragini exclaimed with excitement.
“You people carry on….. I am going to have a look at the guitar class” Swara said.
“Fine but don’t get lost!” Shanaya said with a chuckle.
Swara glared her.
“Haha very funny!” Swara commented sarcastically.
“Okay okay! Stop quarreling…… Go… Swara…. Take care” Ragini said.
“Okay thanks”Swara chirped and turns to go to the classroom area….. All other girls sigh seeing the moody girl and start moving towards the principal’s office.

Wow!!!” Swara exclaimed looking at the huge rooms filled with guitars having dark purple walls….. Just then Ms Sabrina enters the classroom.
“Yeah miss….. How may i help you?” She asked at the lost Swara.
“Umm…… Actually I am here to take admission…. So i came here to have a look at my new class” Swara explained.
“So how’s your new class?” Ms Sabrina asked the overwhelming girl.
“It’s amazing”Swara beamed with excitement.
Ms Sabrina smiled looking at Swara

“Mam now I have to go to the  principal’s office…”Swara informed.
“Okay…. Take a left and then go straight…” Sabrina madam answered.
“Thank you mam!” Swara thanked and strolled out following the directions.

Meanwhile the three girls entered the principals cabin…..

“Sir, we are here for our admission” Shanaya explained with a warm smile spread on her face.

“Oh! Well are you Swara, Ragini, Shanaya and Cairi?” The principal asked glancing over some admission forms.

“Yes sir” came Ragini’s reply.

“Well, Shekhar sir just spoke to me about you people” the principal informed.

“Shekhar SIR?” Cairi exclaimed with extreme shock…..

“Yeah! I call him sir because he helped me in building this academy” principal answered with a very warm and pleasant smile.

“Wow! That is really great sir, I am Ragini…. Shekhar Gadodia’s younger daughter” Ragini greeted.

“I am Cairi Fernandez and she is Shanaya Khan….. Nice meeting you sir” Cairi introduced pointing towards Shanaya.
“Well i can’t see your fourth friend… Umm…. Swara right” principal asked dubiously…”she is joining this academy right?” He asked.

“Oh well yes! She is joining…. She just went to have a look at her guitar class” Shanaya informed.

“Oh” principal replied softly.”okay! So submit your forms and you’ll be given your dorm numbers” he added in a serious tone.

“Dorms?” The three girls yelled together and then looked at each other in shock.

“Yes dorms…. I think you didn’t read the terms and conditions properly….. Well be assigning dorms and dorm mates to you……” The principal informed without looking at them.

“But sir” Ragini protested.

“Ms Ragini….. Don’t worry… We will make sure that your dorms are closer enough..” Principal assured.

“Thank you sir” Cairi thanked not before snatching both Shanaya’s and Ragini’s forms and submitting them in his office…..

The three girls stepped out to find their forth partner – Swara!

They decided to go in three different directions and check out for Swara in order to find her quickly…

On her way, Ragini spotted Swara walking in her own world admiring the kids play their guitars and pianos….  She was about to call out her name when she saw something she shouldn’t have seen…. A boy listening to some music was passing Swara and they both bumped into each other…
Their books fell down….. Both Swara and the boy sat down to help each other with the books and after that they both started moving towards their respective destinations…

The entire scene was witnessed by Riya too…. Both Ragini and Riya were stunned as hell…. The boy was none other than Sanskar… Only one thought ran in their minds….”they ran into each other without noticing each other?”
Like this was something everyone considered impossible…. Swara and Sanskar were always known for their extreme enmity and this was the first time they came face to face and didn’t end up fighting! Like was it even possible?

In no time, Swara spotted Ragini whose eyes were open wide and so was her mouth…..

“Muh band kar warna hathi ghus jaega” Swara warned humorously while Ragini stared  at her as if she suddenly turned into a twelve headed monster. Ragini pinched Swara.

“Ooowwwwccccchhhhh” Swara squealed..

“Did it hurt?”Ragini asked dubiously.

“Of course not! I was just checking the pitch of my voice” Swara answered with sarcasm dripping from her words.

“That means that it wasn’t a dream ? Right?” Ragini asked in astonishment.

“What dream?” Swara asked with a puzzled face.

“Nothing” Ragini muttered before rushing to tell this breaking news to Shanaya.

Meanwhile Riya runs to tell Omi and Laksh about the recent accidental –  sentimental – fully mental incident.
“What? They didn’t notice each other?” Laksh asked in between his laughs while Riya nodded.

“Maybe i know why they didn’t notice each other” Omi said getting a bit serious.

“What?” Laksh asked in confusion.

“God wanted us to witness their first clash after four years!” Omi chuckled making every one laugh harder

“Yeah yeah!” Laksh said continuing to laugh harder.

Just then Sanskar enters the room…

“Hey! Why is everyone laughing?” Sanskar asked in amusement.

“Pyaar ki ek kahani suno…” Riya started to sing out of nowhere.

“Forget it! Let’s practice!” Sanskar commented in order to stop Riya and her mental tortures.

“Okay” everyone else chirped before everyone engaged themselves in practicing for their weekly music competition

Again on the other side Swara enters to find Shanaya in a shocked state while Cairi holding back her laughter…

“What happened girls?” Swara asked in confusion.

“Nothing…. You go and meet the principal…. He is waiting for you” Cairi said…

“Okay…..”Swara chirped before exiting the room…

“Hash!!” Everyone sighed.


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