If you stay with me…. part 3

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Thank you for all the love everyone.
I try to read your guys FF’s too and they are amazing.
I hope you have fun reading this FF as much I do writing them.
Note: people I won’t be able to update till 5th May as I have my assessments but I’ll try to update on weekends.
I decided to give a long episode so you enjoy.
Here is the third chapter.
Pragya: Hello? What are you talking about?
No answer.
Pragya: Who is there?
P: A cat?
P: Aawww so cute voice.
Cat: Thank you.
P: Huh?
C: I mean “Meow”
P: Wait, what? How can a cat speak?
Pragya went out of her room in the corridor.
And there she saw a man. It was………………………………………none other than Abhi.

Abhi’s POV.
I was waiting outside Pragya’s house for Bulbul to come out of the house with her mother and younger sister.
When I saw them go I went inside the house.
I closed the gate quietly and went in the house.
I stood in the corridor for a minute and when I heard Pragya’s voice I hid behind her bedroom door.
She was talking on the phone. Then I heard her say Rajbeer. I heard the whole phone call and then decided to go and then I collided with the table with a vase on it.
The vase fell and made a huge noice.
Then I heard Pragya’s voice asking who is there and not knowing what to do I replied a “Meow”. But I spoke in the middle by mistake and pragya came out of her room.

P: What??? Is that mister Abhishekh prem mehra?
A: Yes.
P: What are you doing over here?
Pragya said half laughing and half shocked.
A: Nothing.
Pragya could not take it anymore. She burst out laughing.
A: Why are you laughing?
P: Just look at you.????????
Abhi looked at himself. He was in a crawling position and was looking like a baby.
He got up quickly.
P: Tell me what are you doing here? Or else I will call the police.
A: Okay so I’ll tell you but don’t tell Purab and Bulbul that I told you.
P: What do they have to do with this?
A: Listen carefully.
Abhi told the whole story to Pragya.
Just then Pragya received a text message.
I can see you.
– Rajbeer.

Pragya replied.

Where are you?
– Pragya

I can see you.
– Rajbeer.

Pragya had an idea.
P: Abhi…
A: Yes.
P: Hug me.
A: Why?
P: Do as I say.
Abhigya hugged.
P: Done.
A: Hmmm
P: Leave me now , enough.
A: what.
P: Leave me.
Abhi came into his senses.
Abhi left pragya.
A: Sorry.
P: No problem.
Pragya received another text message.

You will pay for this.
– Rajbeer.

I will pay for what?
That I hugged Abhi or that I hugged my friend or a boy?
– Pragya

– Rajbeer.

She put her phone aside and looked at Abhi questioningly.
P: Promise me you won’t tell anyone what just happened.
A: Promise.
P: By thee way your meowing voice was cute.
A: Thank you.
P: Do you know everything?
A: Yes. And so do Bulbul and Purab.
P: Now Bulbul will tease me all the time.
P: So what do you think?
A: What do you mean?
P: You know I act shy in front of others because I want to keep a low profile. But then people like you, Bulbul and Purab bump into my life and try to find everything.
A: Sorry. But I have a question.
P: What?
A: Why didn’t you tell everything to Bulbul by yourself?
P: I don’t know.
Then pragya heard her mother’s voice.
P: Oh no. Hide somewhere quickly!!!
A: No time, I am going.
P: From where?
A: From the door.
P: Which door?
A: The main door.
P: Hello! Are you in your senses my mother is downstairs and you are talking about going from the main door!!!! If she sees you she will ask what are you doing here the what will you answer? That I was spying on your daughter?
A: You are right then I’ll go from the window.
P: And kill yourself?
A: Don’t worry I am an expert.
P: So does that mean that you are a thief?
Abhi gave pragya a deadly stare and went towards the window.
Pragya was left there alone.
P: Such an arrogant man.
Pragya said to herself.
Sarla: Pragya.
P: Coming mom.

Precap: Purab: Pragya I don’t know how did it happen but it happened.
Pragya: Ummhumm.
Purab: I love you.

Lots of suspense right?
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Note: people I won’t be able to update till 5th May as I have my assessments but I’ll try to update on weekends.

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    my eyes popped reading the last line in the precap…
    but maybe… there might be sth else…
    just wanting to know what’s that…
    post soon dear… oh! yeah right… u won’t be able to post reg… but its ok, will wait till weekend.
    give a little more lengthier ones dear… will love to read more…
    *also sry.. couldnt make my cmnt in the pre epi*

  3. Omg what’s going on purab proposed pragya instead of bulbul what is this it should be a dream if this happens then I will cry no this should not happen please change the story please na for your viewers sake please I am begging to you. I want a long update not shot and you can’t update also na so next time little longer B-Ani you are right there might be something happens and some twist will come waiting for that

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    Nice one dear…

  8. I think purbul wanna make abhigya together. And so they r doing this…

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