If you stay with me…. part 2

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Hello guys!
Here is the second chapter.
B: Di I want you to meet someone.
P: Who?
B: Meet Purab.
A handsome boy stepped in.
Purab: Hello.
Pragya: Hello.

Pu: You must be Bulbul’s sister.
Pr: Yes. You must be…… what is his name?
Pu: Who’s name?
Pr: Your brother’s name.
Pu: You are talking about Abhi?

Pr: Yes Abhi, you must be Abhi’s brother.
Pu :Yes, I am his brother.
Bulbul: You guys are forgetting about me. Di we are getting late let’s go home.
Pr: Nice to meet you Purab.
Pu: Nice to meet you too Pragya Di.
Pr: Call me Pragya.
Pu: I can’t do that.
B: Di let’s go.
Pr: Bye.
Pu: Bye Di.

Bulbul and Pragya reached the collage gate
B: Di I have to meet someone so I need to go so you can go home I will come later.
P: Right now you were saying you want to go and now you are saying me to go alone.
B: It’s urgent.
P: Okay.
Pragya went out.

Bulbul went in her classroom.
There were two men already located there.
B: She is gone.
The two men turned around.
One was Purab and the other was his brother none other than Abhi.
P: Okay so now did you bring it.
B: Yes here it is.

It was the letter pragya was looking for earlier.
P: So now let’s find out what is between Rajbeer and pragya.
They read the letter.
B: So what is the plan?
A: So the plan is bulbul you will somehow have to take your mom out of the house and leave pragya alone. And don’t forget to leave the door open and then I will break into the house and keep an eye on pragya. Okay.
Bulbul and Purab: Okay.

Bulbul went home.
Luckily her mother and Anjali were going to take vegetables from the market.
B: Ma can I also come?
S: Yes. But how can we leave pragya alone.
P: Ma I will be fine. You guys can go.
Pragya said coming out of her room.

S: Okay let’s go.
Sarla,Anjali and Bulbul went to take vegetables.
P: So now I am alone.
Suddenly pragya’s phone rang.

Caller: So you are ignoring me.
Pragya: Who is this?
C: I am the one who wrote the letter.
P: Rajbeer?

R: So now see what I do.
P: Hello, Hello Rajbeer please what are you going to do? Please don’t hurt my mother!
R: Well well well cut the call and listen.
P: Hello? What are you talking about?

No answer.

Precap: Abhigya hug.

Guys please ignore any spelling mistakes or if something doesn’t make sense.
Till the next chapter!
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
What is the sound and how do you think there will be an abhigya hug as told in the precap?
Write your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. SamyuSam

    Nice one dear… Give a long update….. Nd waitng fr next update dear..

    1. Prabhish

      I am deciding to give you guys a maha episode. And thank you

    1. Prabhish

      Thank you very much.
      Love your FFs

  2. super n eagerly waiting next part soon yaaaaaaaaaa

    long epi pls

    1. Prabhish

      I am going to update soon and it’ll be a long one and thank you.

  3. Superb, awesome, marvelous update really can’t wait to see the next part please update your other ff’s fastly

    1. Prabhish

      Thank you and I don’t mean to be rude or anything but I think you got confused between me and my sister. I don’t have an other FF. But I’ll be writing one once this one is finished.
      By the way thank you.

  4. Superb dear

  5. Superbbbbb…..

    1. Prabhish

      Thanks dear

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