Stay With Me Forever- Nairan (Intro)

Character Sketch

Naina Malhotra- 20, attending the University of Washington in Seattle. Loves her brother and friends the most. Was orphaned at the age of 15 and her brother became her legal guardian. Wants to be a Businesswoman. The role played by Ankita Sharma.

Aryan Malhotra- 24, A businessman in Seattle. Loves his sister a lot. The role played by Shravan Reddy.

Karan Chauhan- 23, A businessman in Seattle. Was disowned by his family due to a dark reason (will surely be revealed later). The role played by Samridh Bawa.

Aiden Brooks- 23, A businessman in Seattle and a common friend of Aryan and Karan. The role played by Fransisco Lachowski.

Ryan Stone- 20, attending the University of Washington in Seattle. Role played by Zac Efron.

Tessa Hudson- 20, attending the University of Washington in Seattle. Role played by Barbara Palvin.

Chapter 1.

Naina’s Pov

Finally!! My college life is over now.
I screamed and turned around to see my bestie Ryan standing in front of me with a huge grin on his face.
Before I could respond, my other bestie Tessa came running towards us and literally jumped on us.
The three of us have been inseparable since I moved to Seattle after the death of my parents. We’ve studied in the same school, college and now we plan to work together in my brother Aryan’s company.
Speaking of which, I should call up my brother.
Tessa had jumped off us and the two of them were staring at me now.
“What happened?”, I asked.
“Naina, she’s been shouting your name. Where were you lost?”, Ryan answered.
“Oh, nothing. Um, I’ll meet you guys at the cafeteria. I gotta call my bro”.
“Sure”, they replied and walked off toward the cafeteria.
I took my phone out of the pocket and dialed Aryan’s number. One…Two…Three…Four
“Hello Baby Doll! How was your exam?”, his voice boomed through the speaker.
“It was good. I did well”
“Sure honey, I know by ‘well’ you mean ‘very well'”, he always said this. I am the one who always gets really good marks and I know my brother’s always jealous by this fact. Kidding dude, He loves me a lot.
“Yeah yeah, whatever Aryan”, I replied.
“Hey, I got some good news! Aiden,Karan and I have decided to collaborate our companies. This will make our company the most powerful in whole of Washington”, he sounded excited about it.
“Well, that’s great news. We must celebrate”
“Yeah, Karan’s throwing a party tomorrow”
I loved parties. Especially Karan’s. The parties he threw were the best. The music and the food… Mmmm! Karan is a good guy and I like him. By like I mean I could possibly have a crush on him. He’s just sooo sweet.
Aiden always said that Karan loves me. I don’t believe him though. And according to him, Karan’s room is filled with my pictures. I obviously dont believe him. Aiden just loves pranking me. He’s the playboy kind of a guy. Besides, Kran never lets anyone enter his room. Well, except for one maid.
“Okay Baby doll, I gotta meeting to attend. I’ll be home by 10. Okay?”, Aryan suddenly said, breaking me out of my reverie.
I mumbled an answer and cut the call.

Entering the cafeteria, I could not find Ryan or Tessa anywhere.
“I’m bored of this cafeteria”, Tessa said out of nowhere, making me jump.
I turned around to see Ryan and Tessa.
“How about we grab something from Starbucks and the go shopping?”, I suggested.
“Shopping?”, Ryan shot me a confused look.
I quickly filled them in about what Aryan told me and about Kran’s party.
So, that’s how my day ended. First, an exam. Then, a Frap from Starbucks. Then, Shopping. And yes! Let me tell you, I got one of the best party gowns for Karan’s party.

  1. Jiya09

    The story is interesting!! And the casting is also too good. Hope Karan really loves Naina and what Aiden has said is true?. Waiting for the next. Update soon.. Loved it.

  2. #nairanlover:-)

    Nice one Claire.Post the next one ASAP.Loved it.

  3. Resh

    Hey Claire!
    I loved the way you presented the intro.. I’m waiting for the 1st episode.. post it soon.. I found it different and really interesting.. I would love to go through your ff.. so please post the next one soon.. Naina has a crush on Karan..hmm.. I like that…Naina and her brother Aryan..such a beautiful relationship.. I’m really excited for the next part.. the collaboration party..
    Post soon.
    Loads of love… Resh

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