Did Star Plus’ Nisha Aur Uske Cousins grab your interest?

This show has brought freshness on the channel, post Mahabharat. The slot needed a casual attitude and fun loving show and just got the perfect one, which shows the beautiful relationships between cousins. The story revolves around a bunch of interesting cousins. Despite being very different in nature by each other all cousins share a close bond and act as support system for each other. Each character is sketched out perfectly and the audience will be able to relate to them. Nisha and her cousins : Dolly, Kirti, Suketu, Umesh, Jwala and Bunty form the best cousin’s group and have a lovely bond between them. Nisha’s entry was great, as she was shown climbing the Jaipur fort in her heroic entry scene. The cousins had a party there and much drama evolved post the party.

Dadaji has come to know about the farewell party secretly planned for Dolly. After the cousins are caught by Dadaji, they will soon be getting a punishment. Now, Dadaji will reveal it in front of the entire family about how the cousins used their saved pocket money for partying. The cousins’ parents are angry to hear this. Now, Dadaji will announce that the cousins will have to pay for Dolly’s lehanga. Nisha will agree to it and finally the cousins will succeed. Nisha wanted to arrange for the money in her own way but the cousins tried to act smart and they got the money before Nisha reaches there. Dadaji will be really angry and will decide to punish them harshly. Dada ji tells them the reality show kind of punishment, which draws our interest further. The show is promising and unique attraction. Catch the show on Star Plus at 8.30 PM Mon-Sat. Let us know whether has show has won your heart or not.

  1. Ya it was quiet good !

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  3. Yeah..!!
    I seriously like this serial..
    Nisha and her cousins have love, friendship,careness and eveything that a cousin bond should exist with.. 🙂
    This have become my favourite show after YHM..
    But, I don’t get one thing..
    Who’s the male lead (hero) of this serial?
    Its one of the best.. I like it.. 🙂
    And telly updates, thanks for the poll.. 🙂

  4. Ya u both r rite i also like it

  5. It was good but many many people !! Who r the leads??

  6. I m also confused !! But good show !

  7. mahabharat was the best show and nothing can replace it

  8. No mahabharat was the best n will be the best .these fellow cousins are too confusing. N the character of mahabharat were too good their way to represent themself n their dailouge was awsome.. So mahabharat.

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