Which Star Dopahar show interests you the most?

Star Dopahar has sustained the quality content in its varied shows. All the four shows are doing well. Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka is an adaptation of Turkish show Fatmagul. It deals with the sensitive subject of women abuse. Amala decides to move on in life with Abeer, making Dev’s memories away. Amala and Abeer see a future together.

Ek Aastha Aisi Bhee brings a girl’s take on true devotion. Aastha has a different perceptive on beliefs and devotion. Aastha finds her inlaws’ devotional deeds much different than she has seen before. She keeps her point and tries to make everyone realize her perception. Aastha is very much unique, and that takes the story ahead dramatically.

Dhhai Kilo Prem is a story revolving around an overweight couple. They have an amazing journey to discover love. They not only become husband and wife, but also perfect soul mates. Dipika finally succeeds to bring love in her marriage. Piyush supports Dipika by going against his family. Piyush and Dipika’s love bonding and moments make the show a good watch.

Love Ka Hai Intezaar is the late entrant in Star Dopahar show list. The story is about a film actress Kamini and a royal prince Madhav Singh. Their love fails to reach the final phase of marriage. By circumstances, they both suffer a lot in their lives. The story has taken a huge leap, where in Kamini and Madhav’s daughter Mohini’s love story is seen. Which Star Dopahar show interests you the most? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Fenil

    I love Kya Qusoor Hain Amala Ka ?
    Dhai Kilo Prem and Love Ka Hain Intezaar is interesting.

    Amber’s love story is more interesting and waiting for the best.

  2. Aleya.marzan

    Only KQHAK is the best serial .it deserves a prime time slot n promotions frm star plus

  3. KQHAK is the best .This show should be given evening time slot .It is best show giving social message .

  4. Tvfan1

    EK aastha aisi bhee..but not enjoying the current track..but still the show has a good view!

  5. Aastha_Reddy

    1)Amala is currently best among star dopahar. Forget the Korean show Fatmagul, its actually a very nice Indian remake. The leads are slaying role very nicely. I don’t get it actually people are loving the show, respecting Amla or feeling pity at her!!! But over all it proves the real meaning of #Star plus-Nayi soch.
    2) Love ka hai intezaar…The wait was never over for Madhav and Kaameni Mathur. Now new casting of Preetika and Mohit also going on the same triangle of love track. Don’t know how many decades they actually have to wait for their love. First some lead, then took leap and now others are lead!! But nothing much has actually changed from starting point.
    3) Ek Aastha aisi bhi…The theme is correct, cast is fantastic but the usual competition among saas bahu for house hold works!! I wonder if this is some type of Aastha??!!! Feel like they are insulting my name lolz… Cvs must correct few things and let Aastha win at least once.
    4) 2.5 kg love!!!… this show contains more then 2500kg of weight from all artists but still there is no love. Poor Deepika is struck with Piyush’s family drama and there Mr. 2.5 kg is so useless except for his Champu( Male version of Annika’s Champa). don’t know when love will be weighted and the quantity will be dhai kilo?? Hope soon…

    1. Aastha……completely agreeing with you…..you have written all the points I had in mind…..superb!!
      I wish there was a Like Button in TU….

  6. Kqhak serial is the best show

  7. NABANITA626

    KKHAK is the best show

  8. No doubt kqhak is the best.

  9. Riyarocks

    undoubtedly kqhak…….just luv this……..

  10. KQHAK is the best serial. Rajveer Singh and pankhuri Awasthy are the best pair, best actors. Direction,dialouge are awesome.

  11. KQHAK is the best serial.

  12. Manisha pathania

    kya qusoor Hai Amla Ka is the bestest show…..only for this show i m crazy …..Ambeer is just fab actors….maine apni lf main itne ache actors nhi dekhe…love them alodzzz….whole cast of KQHAK is just fab….?????????????????????

  13. Kkhak is the best show of starplus

  14. Ranjana pandey

    #kqhak is the best show of star plus ever…….chahe raat k show ho ya din k aur koi bhi channel ……sabse pyara #kqhak…?? hamara….i love #kqhak…..

  15. Sunanda12345

    Kqhak gng the best ??? ambeer

  16. Kya kasoor hai amla ka one of the best show in star plus

  17. All other shows are ok, DKP is best we see all regular and slim size girls story but this show is different bringing fat people in story which is daring for producers.

  18. #KQHAK is the best show ??… Define the nayi soch of star plus…… They deserve more n more promotion nd repeat too??

  19. None all boring

  20. ek aastha aisi bhi

    1. Tvfan1


  21. Kyaqusoorhamlaka i love this show

  22. KQHALK best show of star plus……..

  23. kya qusoor hai amla ka

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