“SSR’s Leg was Broken, Needle Marks and Tape on his Neck:” Hospital Staff Makes Shocking Revelations

It’s so heart breaking to read about Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise and the long trail of investigation which is being followed. Initially it was said that SUshant died by Suicide but now the revelations which are being made by eye witnesses and by the inconsistencies in statements by people close to SUshant, it feels as if it was all a pre planned, cold blooded murder.

Earlier Mumbai Police was doing the investigation and on August 19, 2020, the Supreme Court passed a verdict and the case was taken over by CBI. New information about the case is being released every single day which is making the case even more complicated. The latest one being that SSR’s post-mortem reports have been forged and that it was a clear case of murder, claims a hospital staff.

SSR’s post-mortem took place at the Cooper Hospital and one particular staff who witnessed it all happening in front of his eyes has made some shocking revelations. He says that Sushant’s legs were broken when his body was brought in, his body was pale which doesn’t happen in a suicide and he had needle marks on his neck. Watch video:

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