SSR Death Case: Sandip Singh finally gives an Explanation

Filmmaker Sandip Ssingh was under the radar as he was actively choreographing the events post Sushant’s deat. Be it taking the decision of sending the ambulance to Cooper or be it at the postmortem of SSr, Sandip had an involvement with everything. Sushant’s family has mentioned that neither of them knows who Sandip is. Now Sandip has released WhatsApp chats with the actor’s sister that disprove the family’s claim that they did not know him.

The chats, dated between June 15 – a day after Sushant Rajput’s death – and July 1, indicate that he helped them with getting his death certificate, ambulance, press statement and other things.

The chats he released on Sunday were purportedly with Sushant Rajput’s sister Meetu Singh and his brother-in-law.Releasing screenshots of the chats on Instagram, Sandip Ssingh posted a message that read: “Everyone is saying that your family does not know me. Yes, its correct, I never met your family. Is it my fault to help a grieving sister alone in this city to complete the final rites of a brother ? Just want to end the speculation why I was talking to the ambulance driver despite his statement.” The message was hashtagged #MittuSingh and #OPSingh.

he first message from Sandip Ssingh was dated 15 June — a day after Sushant Rajput’s death, read: “Coming home by 9 pm will sit and explain everything.”

It was followed by a copy of the press statement which the family later released.

Following a message dated June 17, which asked, “Di you need anything? will come home later today”, there was a response: “Sandeep please bring Sush’s death certificate also. Thank you”.

On June 20, Sandeep Ssingh offered to keep Sushant Singh’s “ghar ka stuff” in his film godown. Meetu Singh asked him to “kindly confirm about the ambulance payment” and whether it was done.

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