when SSO met anika again….ff by shyra chapter 1

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Hii friends!! I m shyra. Many of you would know me as the writer of ff ” His tears reached her soul a ff by shyra” I know u must be waiting for its next chap…sorry guys for the delay I got badly stuck in some work that’s why didn’t post on time but don’t worry now I am free from that work and will post it on sat 19 Aug ….and this is a new idea which stuck to mind and I thought to share it with you all….this is just a few shots story….I hope u would like it.
I just want to tell you all that this is not a school love story or something….its just school was the place where and how the shivika love story begin….I hope you will like it. Characters u will get to know about them .

In XYZ school…
Senior most class of the school is shown 12E…the day had started…their was a hustle bustle all around boys and girls talking to each other…some were completing their work ….some were busy in their mobile phones ( I think 12th standard students usually gets their phones ). Two girls of 17years are seen sitting together…one was completing her work and the other was copying from her register….the girl who was completing the work was even looking at the classroom as if she was waiting for someone….
Girl( who was copying) : anika he will not come…( so guys who was looking at the door was anika)
Anika: he will come mailika!!

Malika: ohh madam! I think you have forgotten that today is Tuesday ….and on every Tuesday he goes for football practice…
Anika: I think you have forgotten that every Tuesday before going for practice he comes to the class and informs the teacher that he is going for practice…
Malika: ohh really …he could be absent also ..

Anika: he never takes leave malika…..
Malika: hmm….and USne chakkar main my darling anika also never takes leave….and on top of that you do not allow me to take leave…pata hain kitni neend aati hain mujhe subah par tere liye roz aana parts hain…and malika puts her head on table ….
Anika: thanks yaar…. And I know if even I will not ask you to come daily then also you will come for your ani… Right?
Malika( sits straight and makes a puppy face): u know my weakness very well….I can’t leave my ani…as you are the only friend I have …

Anika: even my malika is my only best friend I have….and they both smile…
Malika: koi nahi ani ke liye neend bhi qurbaan….and they both laugh …
Mailka: but where is your SSO …abhi tak aaya nahi….
Anika( looks at her wrist watch ): only two mins are and he will be here…
Malika: hmm I know every time you got it correct …and he comes on exact time but today I think he will not come….
Anika : he will come dude…
Malika: this much confidence ani!!

Anika: I can feel his presence…
Malika: OK today u just look at me and u will not look at the door then let me see how will u get to know whether he came or not..
Anika: fine ….and after few seconds….he is coming malika!
Malika: OK let me see…and just then a boy around 18 years who was holding a small bag on his back ….comes and stands at the class door…his eyes were full of taxi which was reflected by grey colour of his eyes….hairs were perfectly set…well dressed with smart personality…
Anika: I told u …see he came malika and that on time…
Malika looks at the door and smiles …

Malika: not again ani…u always win!!
Anika: now if you permit can I see him…and she turns and looks into his eyes….but our full of attitude bagadbilla didn’t pay any attention to those beautiful eyes who were desperately waiting to see him once….
Here anika was busy in staring him when suddenly he started moving towards her and her expressioned changed….she get back to her work.
Malika: ani look he is coming here!! I think finally he will talk to u ani.
Anika: no this can’t happen ….I can’t talk to him.
Malika: not again ani….today u have to talk to him. Please tell him that u like him so much.
Anika: what? Have u gone mad malika ….he is shivay!! Headboy of our school…why will he talk to me..
Suddenly shivay comes to them….

Shivay: hii guys! Anika doesn’t respond anything…shivay looks at her..
Malika: hii shivay! Sorry but actually my friend has to top exams that’s why she doesnt even have time to say hii to anyone….kyun ani and she smirks…..anika glares malika with full of tu toh gayi beta wala expression….
Malika: by the way what happen shivay?
Shivay: malika will u just tell the teacher that I m present today and going for….
Malika: football practice right…
Shivay: yes!!

Malika: ya sure….
Shivay: thanks!!
Malika: your welcome…..and shivay leaves….anika sighs in relief as if her breathe got stuck somewhere…
Malika: ani I don’t understand why are you so scared of him…you wait for him everyday but when he comes to u …you don’t even look at him…I know how much u like him and I think its more than liking ani…then what’s the problem.
Anika: he is shivay Singh oberoi…!!
Malika: here I m asking u the problem and u are telling me that he is shivay…ani I know it very well!!

Anika: I m telling u the problem only….
Malika: what? He is shivay that is your problem….so what you want do u want ani? Should he change himself to sharukh khan?
Anika: I m not saying that….listen he is shivay Singh oberoi….the best student of our school…he has so many friends who are just like them…he is so confident…he is just perfect malika….and look at me I m just a normal girl whose life just revolves around solving issues of her parents…who is not at all confident when it just come to face him….I m not his type malika…..I don’t have any reason to go tell him about what I feel for him….and she looks down sadly..

Malika: who told u that u don’t have any reason when u have the biggest reason to have him in your life….just you need to have some trust on yourself…anika looks at her…
Anika: which reason?
Malika: love anika love….yes anika u love him dude!!! Why don’t u accept it?
Anika: no this is not possible….its just attraction and nothing else…and by the way this love shuv type things are not meant for me…and in future also I m just going to remain single.
Malika: have you done anika…OK tell me how do u feel when that tia baby flirts with shivay?
Anika: I just feel like I could give her a tight slap…
Malika: and why do you feel like that by the way?
Anika: because…because..

Malika: hmm come on speak even I want to know..
Anika: I don’t know….
Malika: ani pls understand …..kya fayda chupa ke when we are just left with few months in school and after that who knows whether u would be able to even see him again or not?
Anika: thats the thing malika kya fayda bata ke when we are just left with few months in school and u are saying right i dont even know whether i would be able to see him again or not…
Malika: oh god ani! You have explanation for everything…
Anika: hmm what to do?

Malika: ok what if you met him again in future and then he falls for u…even then also u will say to him that I can’t accept you because u are the shivay singh oberoi….she speaks imitating anika
Anika: why to think about something when it will not happen?
Malika: my dear have you forget what our tia baby says?

Anika: what?
Malika: ki shayd universe tum dono ko milana chahta ho and she smiles…..
Anika : ohh…it will never happen ok! And upar se tia naam ki panoti lag gayi ab toh koi chance nahi hain dude…and pls now stop this …and concentrate on your work..
Malika: ani u always win when its about shivay…but this time I will win you just wait and watch….I m definitely sure that destiny has planned something for both of you….
Anika: have u done malika….
Malika: hmm….
Anika: now leave all this…

Like this 8 years passed everything was changed now anika was living a pure professional life in Mumbai….she is working in a well known company as CEO…guys she was a topper of her school…she lives in a flat of modern apartment. Its 8 am in the morning.
A girl shouts …while reading newspaper….she was dressed up in a formal long knee length skirt and white shirt with her hair open …..

Girl : wake up ani !! We are getting late we have our meeting with malhotras today. Oh ghosh I think I need to go then only she will get up and she keeps the newspaper on table and moves towards a room….she opens the door…the room was beautifully furnished …the wall had many pictures of two girls ….in the centre a girl was sleeping peacefully….the girl moves towards the girl who was in her dreamworld.
Girl: anika its getting really late….uth jaa…. I swear this time if I get late because of u and then in office I will tell everybody that their CEO sleeps till 9….
Anika: malika pls let me sleep na….I m on a leave today!!

Malika: oh god !!! Ms anika took leave today ….wait what’s the date today and she checks her phone …ani aaj toh kuch special nahi hain phir kyun …
Anika: like that only….
Malika: no you are not taking any leave….u are coming with me!!
Anika: huh!! Malika pls yaar…

Malika: ohhh how can I leave u….yaad hain school time when u didn’t allow me to take leave ever…so that u can see that SSO!! Huh…malika realises what she said….
Anika: hmmm….anika becomes little sad…
Malika: sorry I didnt wish to make u sad yaar!! By the way I still think that he will come to u ani!!
Anika: he will not come!!
Malika: let’s see this time who wins!!
Anika: u again started …nothing is going to happen and she gets up from the bed and was going to washroom. Suddenly something falls which was kept under the pillow.
Malika notices it and picks it up….it was shivay’s pic.
Malika: hmm now I m quiet sure that u still love him…
Anika turns….and finds malika smiling …

Anika: what? Malika shows her the pic…
Malika: what is this ani??? Anika walks and takes the pic from her…
Anika: its nothing!! I was just looking at our school days pictures last night …ussi main hogi yen pic..

Malika: ohh really ani….and she giggles..
Anika: really…now stop smiling and go I m not coming today ….she shouts
Malika: ok ok now don’t shout ….and she starts leaving but stops speaks ….ani still I have faith on tia baby’s universe…and this time I will win for sure…and she laughs…
Anika: malika I will not leave u now…and she runs to catch her but malika leaves quickly….
Anika: iska kuch nahi ho Sakta…her eyes falls on shivay’s pic…anika don’t give yourself hope….this is not possible…. And she keeps the photo on table and goes to freshen up…

In evening
Malika calls anika…..and she picks up the call.
Anika: where are u? And how was your meeting?
Malika: it was great!! Our company will get a huge profit ani….I m very happy!
Anika: oh Congo! So when are u going give me party?
Malika: are meri Jaan!! Come fast I have booked a restaurant for dinner tonight so get ready fast …I will msg u the address!!

Anika : that’s great!! I m coming….but what time?
Malika: I will reach there in one hour and will wait for u…

Anika: ok done? I’m coming!!
Anika gets ready wearing a beautiful long kurti….her hairs were open and were curly at the bottom….she takes the keys and leaves….she was driving slowly enjoying the music when suddenly she notice few people beating someone very badly …he was trying to fight back but they were having hockey sticks with them…suddenly one goon out of them hits his head and the boy fells down lying unconscious… Anika gets shocked…
Anika: oh god!! Who are they? And why are they beating him up? I need to help him…par kaise? Suddenly she starts feeling something weird…no anika you have to do something and she calls police first ….after that she gets out of the car and shouts…

Anika: leave him otherwise it will not be good for u…
Goon: just go from here…
Anika: I m not going anywhere!! Just leave him and she picks up a stone and hits the goon…he falls unconscious… The other goon takes out knife…but police arrives and they all run away…..anika runs to the person and gets shocked !!
Police officer: constable take him to the hospital and madam do u know him??
Anika doesn’t speak anything and hugs him…..
Anika: nothing will happen to u…
In hospital

Doctor comes out of the OT and anika runs to him…
Anika: doctor how is he now?
Doctor: he is fine….actually he is not that much hurt its just due to loss of blood he got unconscious… U can take him home ….but it will take him few hours to gain consciousness…anika nods
Anika: can I meet him??

Doctor: ya sure!!
Anika enters the OT and reaches near the person.
…she looks at him…tears falls from her eyes ….song plays.
Anika keeps her hand on his and looks at him…
(Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera

Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri
Jaan meri, jaan meri)
Anika wasn’t able to control her feelings today and fall in his arms and started crying hugging him….
Anika( crying) : I wanted to see u back….everyday I wished to tell you how much I love you….but I didnt know that we will meet like this shivayy…..and she cries…..

to be continued….

Authors note
Guys pls let me know whether I should continue it not….did you like the idea or not?
Will eagerly wait for your response….it will take just five to six shots and I will finish it then hopefully….. Will post the other ff of mine soon so pls read that too….
Love you all!!

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