Spy Bahu 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update

Spy Bahu 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Babaji blesses Yohan and Sejal together. Alisha tells Sejal today she crossed all her limits. Alisha tells we don’t even keep girls like you as our servant and you came here to take Babaji’s blessing with my Yohan? Sejal tells Alisha to mind her words as she has some misunderstanding and she didn’t know Yohan was beside her. Alisha warns Sejal to stay away from her or she will finish her. Sejal tells Alisha why do you think I want Yohan? Sejal tells I am least interested in Yohan and I would never be. Sejal tells she came here because her mother asked her to. Alisha tells so your mother is teaching you all this? Sejal tells Alisha she will regret her entire life if she says another bad word to her. Sejal tells Alisha to stay happy with her fiance Yohan and let me stay happy in mine. Minal asks Sejal did she take blessings? Sejal tells let us return home now. Krish brings Alisha to his room and tells he has something to lighten her mood.

Krish tells Alisha that his parents always keeps scolding me but whenever I am angry I eat this pastry and feel relaxed. Alisha tells this is the first time this pastry feels so delicious. Krish tells it would feel so because of a special indigrient and flashback shows him mixing something in the pastry. Alisha tells Krish that she is madly in love with Yohan. Krish tells he feels the same way about her even though he knows it is wrong. Alisha tells Krish to prove her how much he likes her. Jatin tells Sejal she has sorted his life by agreeing to marry him. Sejal sends Jatin to buy soda for her and enters the momo shop to meet SK and Tanhaji.

Tanhaji asks Sejal if she is sure that it was Farid? Sejal tells eyes can lie but a sister cannot be wrong. Sejal tells when Farid’s hand touched mine I could feel we have the same blood flowing through our vein. Tanhaji tells Sejal her feelings might lead to failure of this mission. Tanhaji tells Sejal it is possible you want to meet your brother but you will meet a terrorist. Tanhaji tells her it is important to stop Yohan and place spy cam in his room.

Jatin reminds Sejal today is their mehendi. Sejal tells she knows and would return on time. Sejal takes Yohan’s dress and thinks this is the right time to place spy cam in his room. Sejal tells Yohan she wanted to thank him. Yohan tells he thought people in Jamnagar thanks people for saving their life by insulting and leaving them in the middle road. Sejal tells we thank them by giving 101₹. Sejal breaks Yohan’s button and tells she will see it. Sejal places the spy cam in flower vase and sews Yohan’s button. Yohan remembers flying kite with Mahira in childhood and thread getting stuck in his hand. Mahira cut the thread with her teeth and now Sejal cuts the thread with her teeth. Mehendi celebration begins at Nanda house.

Sejal thinks she have finished all her work and she should leave now for her mehendi. Shalini tells Sejal to bring Mehendi from the kitchen. The mehendi bowl is spilled on the floor. Veera comes and scolds Sejal that everytime there is something wrong it is around Sejal and today she wants to hear the truth. Sejal tells she didn’t do anything. Flashback shows Shalini spilling the mehendi. Shalini tells it is useless to argue with Sejal and tells her to prepare new mehendi for Alisha. The episode ends with Sejal thinking how will she reach her Mehendi on time.

Precap: Sejal is asked her finance name. Sejal says Yohan Nanda. Sejal’s mother walks to her and says show me your mehendi, and sees Y on it and asks Sejal whose name have you written that too with shagun mehendi and is the guy who dropped her yesterday his name starts with Y? Jatin walks in

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