Spy Bahu 23rd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Abhi’s plan fails to kill Sejal and Yohan


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The Episode starts with SK calling Sejal. Sejal picks the call. SK asks if she had taken out the camera from Yohan’s room. She says yes, I did after coming from Mumbai. He says I want to give him benefit of doubt, may be he is innocent. Tana ji says you was staying there, as you wanted to prove Yohan innocence. He says now you don’t have to stay there, you can leave Yohan and his house today itself. Sejal thinks she can leave now, but she is not happy still. SK asks her to stay there still and says I said that I am giving him benefit of doubt. He says you have found wires and bombs in Nanda house, and asks who was that person who is connected to terrorist and also Nanda family. He says Shah was about to tell about the person who was with him. Someone comes and hides gun in the car and compromises with the engine. SK says you can’t leave the house as all Nanda family is under doubt. Yohan comes and holds her. She is about to fall in the pool, but he holds her hand. He says we are saving each other as if we are doing a favor on self, then also you want to leave after 6 months. Sejal says no, and says whatever we thought might not happen. Yohan says we shall have such a relation where there is no lies, and asks if she will befriend him. He forwards his hand. Sejal is about to hold his hand, and says friendship shall start with left hand. She shakes hand with him and gets hiccups. Yohan says your hiccups are having crush on me and asks her to give his phone number. Abhi calls Sir ji and tells that today Yohan and Sejal will be dead, and will be punished for shah’s death. He says he has to kill Shah because of them. He says they will leave for the award function, but will not reach there, as he has failed their car brakes.

Sejal’s hands shake up, as she does aarti. Yohan comes there and holds the aarti. They do the aarti together. Everyone comes there and sees them doing aarti. Drishti says he is the same bhai, who told that he will never step inside the temple. Veera says he is doing aarti for the first time after Aarti didi left. She says this is happening because of Sejal. Shalini says he is just holding the aarti plate and you are getting emotional.

Sejal thanks Yohan for helping her complete the aarti. She signs him to give aarti to everyone. Yohan gives aarti to everyone. He then comes back and keeps the aarti plate. They fold hands before the mata rani. Drishti invites them for Abhishek’s award function, and asks them to come.

Sejal tries to straighten her hair but she couldn’t do with her hurt hand. Yohan tries to help. She refuses and says she will feel pain. Yohan says I will not let you have any pain. She says ok, if I feel pain then you shall call me by my name. He asks why did I call you with other name. He takes the hair straightener in his hand and tries to straighten her hair. Song plays….He combs her hair.

She looks at him. He says she is still his wife and can see him. She asks how he knows? Yohan says he used to comb Drishti’s hair after his Mother left. She praises him in different languages and goes. He asks did you call me monkey and smiles.

Abhi and Drishti are in the car. He asks her to call Yohan and Sejal and asks if they left. Drishti calls them and tells Abhi that they are leaving now. Abhi thinks very soon he will get the news that they are dead.

Yohan and Sejal sit in the car. Yohan is about to drive the car, when a little boy comes there. Sejal identifies him. Abhi’s father asks what happened? Abhi says nothing. He thinks their car might have blast by now. Sejal asks bomba, if he came alone and asks where is Mummy and Papa. Yohan asks did you elope from home again. Bomba says Mummy sent snacks for you. Sejal asks where is Mummy and Papa? He says I can’t tell, it is top secret. Saras and Minal are in the car. Minal says if you are a spy then I am Mummy spy. Sejal asks him to say. He says he will not say. Yohan messages Abhi that they can’t come. Abhi gets upset and is about to meet with an accident, but somehow manages. Bomba asks how did Didi get the injury? Yohan says nothing will happen to her, until she is with me. He calls the Servant who brings food. Sejal asks Yohan if he knows about his favorite food. Yohan says he knows. Bomba says he will share with jiju. Sejal hopes everything is fine as Saras is not picking the call.

Precap: Aarun tells Abhi that he wants to gift him something, he wants to dedicate classic vintage watch to him. Abhi forwards his hand to wear the watch. Sejal sees the mark on his hand and gets shocked. She identifies him as the attacker and thinks Abhishek jiju is my fareed bhai.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Slowly slowly Yohan Sejal love story is starting with Freed truth👍🏻👍🏻… Just love this show☺️☺️.. currently comes in different category along with harpul mohini..☺️☺️

    1. this story is completely different and I hope they don’t change it in the future just to pull the show longe time .

  2. Finally, abishek truth out
    So interesting, wow
    Hoping for more sehan moments a head

  3. Getting interesting day by day🤗🥰

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