Spy Bahu 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Fareed dies in a blast

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Scene 1
Sejal gets on the bus. She tells SK and Tanhaji the bus number and says there are so many people in the bus. He says we’re sending the police. Sejal stops the man in a hoodie. Police surrounded the bus.. They announce Fareed get out of the bus, don’t harm anyone.
Jatin’s mom says your daughter ran away. Don’t know which guy she ran away with. She was never interested in getting married. Baa says see Saras outsider blood is an outsider. She betrayed you all. Minal says no one has the right to call my daughter an outsider. I am sure there’s a reason behind her fleeing. Saras says we will never question her.

Fareed grabs Sejal. He says no one will move. He puts a gun on her head. Sejal sees his birthmark. He says no one will move. He comes out and says move behind. Or I will shoot this girl. SK says no will harm you let her go. He says stay back. He keeps walking away holding Sejal. Tanha ji says will she save her brother or get him caught? Fareed says if anyone comes near me a dad will lose his daughter and a brother will lose his sister. He walks back. He shoves Sejal and gets into a trunk. It blasts. Sejal faints. Tanhaji and SK pick her. Minal calls Sejal. She says Sejal where are you? A man says your daughter got injured in the blast. Minal screams.

Scene 2
Sejal wakes up at the hospital and says you can’t leave me Fareed bhai. She thinks about her childhood. Sejal cries. SK and Tanhaji come. Sejal says I knew the report would say it’s not my Fareed. He says your DNA matched with the terrorist. The terrorist who died in the blast was your brother Fareed Mirza. Sejal cries in shock. SK says you saved so many people on that bus. You are a brave soldier. Tanhaji says we know you’re hurt. Take rest. Minal and Saras come there. SK and Tanha ji leave. Minal says are you okay? Saras says these bruises? Minal cries. Saras says if you didn’t want to marry you could ask your dad, I would end everything. Minal says we won’t force you until you want to get married. We’re with you. Don’t worry. Let’s go home.

Saras and Minal bring Sejal home. Saras makes her eat sweets. He says Mamba will come to eat fast. Minal says baa and Mamba have gone to pray for you. Sejal is in tears and shock. She recalls Fareed’s death. She recalls Yohan paying Fareed. She goes to her room and cries. Minal says to give her time. Sejal sees Yohan’s footage. He says on call I spoke to Fareed. I told him not to change the mission. I know things are not as per the plan but Fareed has set an example. Sejal is angry.

Scene 3
Shalini says Sejal is gone. Now time for the next people we’ve to kick out of this house. Did you book the room and called the guest? He says yes. What a plan. She says you were saying I make flop plans. He says you make the best plans.
Sejal showers. She recalls what Yohan said and Fareed’s death. Sejal comes out. She sees her conscience. She says I am Mahira, the girl those terrorists killed her parents and now her brother too. I am an orphan now. You don’t care right. Sejal says why would I not care about my brother? Mahira says don’t you want to punish the culprit? Sejal says what about my parents. They’ve given me so much love. I can’t risk their lives and I can’t keep lying to them. Mahira says both families loved you but you have whole life with Kotarya family but this is the only time to do something for Mirza family. Sejal cries. Mahira says Sejal.. Sejal looks at Yohan’s photo. Mahira says won’t you do anything? More sisters like me would cry. Sejal says I will take revenge of my Fareed bhai’s death and protect my this family too.

Episode ends

Precap – Aleesha says to Yohan you haven’t said sorry to Vyom. He says I won’t. He deserved it. She says you can beat for your assistant and can’t say a sorry for me? He says Ms Sejal isn’t just an assistant. Everyone is shocked.

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  1. I just hope that yohan marries Sejal
    & Alicia marries Krish who seems to be
    Arun Nandas favorite,

  2. Your Comment exactly yohan will marry sejal because till now she is not spy bahu

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