Spoilers 9th May 2019

Mishti breaks her engagement with Veer. Radhika and Veer’s mum are upset with Mishti. Mishti gets scolded by Veer’s mum. Radhika feels embarrassed. She apologizes to Veer’s mum. She wants to know what is Mishti’s problem. Ruhaan stops Radhika and explains Mishti’s point of view. Radhika is upset as she didn’t expect this from Mishti. She doesn’t know that Mishti has ended the relation with Veer since she is in love with Ruhaan. Pari plans to confess love to Ruhaan. Mishti confesses her feelings to Ruhaan and tells her how she has decided to end her relation with Veer to do justice with him.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:
Rocky gets freed from the jail and is proved innocent. He comes back home and gets the family’s love overloaded. He is very happy to get pampered so much. He apologizes to Smiley. Even Smiley feels guilty to blame him and apologizes to him for the suffering he has gone through. Rocky forgives Smiley. He enjoys the dinner with the family after many years. Happy gets emotional.

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Kulfi Kumar


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