Spoilers 8th January 2020

Nimki Vidhayak:
Ganga asks Nimki to stay alert of Shukla who can attack her anytime. Nimki is sure to handle herself. Mishra asks her about the training process. She doesn’t tell him anything. She goes home and gets scolded by Abhimanyu. He thinks she is inviting big trouble. She asks him to let her decide few things. Mintu is worried that Dadi left the house because of Anaro. He apologizes to her and tells that he can’t keep Anaro in his house. Nimki tells him that she will convince Dadi. He tells that Dadi is missing. She wants to find Dadi. She agrees to get Anaro to her house.



Kahaan HKT


Yeh Hai chahatein

Kasauti ZK

Kahaan Hum Link 2

Kulfi KB

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