Spoilers 8th August 2017 Revised

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Kartik meets Naira in a thief’s disguise. Naira sees the thief in the mirror. She gets alert and beats the thief. She does not know its Kartik. Kartik tries getting away. Naira catches him again and again and beats him up. Kartik removes the blanket wrapping and runs away from the window. Naksh and Kirti’s engagement will be seen. Dadi has Naira on her side to get help in arrangements. Kartik sides with Singhanias to help them.

Chandrakanta spies on Parizaat. She wants to get Babni’s love back. She gets caught and punished. Parizaat is Babni’s love. Babni has helped Chandrakanta and has put life in Virendra’s idol. Chandrakanta wants to return the favor. She tries to influence Parizaat. She thinks to unite Bani and Parizaat. Parizaat tries to kill her. Virendra stops her. Parizaat accepts that she used to love Babni before, but when he turned scary, her love ended. Virendra and Chandrakanta try explaining true love. Parizaat wants to marry Virendra and kill Chandrakanta.

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