Spoilers 8th April 2019

Ruhaan enjoys with his friends. He tries to keep himself distracted. Ansh dances with Taani. Arnav gets protective about Taani. He doesn’t want them to drink alcohol at a young age. Taani is happy that Arnav trusts her a lot. Pari gets mistaken that Ruhaan is interested in her. She asks him for a dance. Mishti can’t ask for anything more better. She wonders why is she not happy with Veer. Ansh and his friend go to Ruhaan’s room to steal some cigarettes. Veer’s friend misbehaves with Pari.


Sameer learns about Jatin’s accusations on Chakor that she is a murderer. He wants to quit Jatin’s job. Sameer supports Chakor. Jatin doesn’t accept his resignation and reminds the contract clause. He transfers Sameer to Aazaadgunj so that he can keep Sameer away from Anjor. Sameer visits Aazaadgunj. He gets kidnapped by some goons. Anjor reaches there to find Sameer. She just wants to get Sameer’s love. She knows Sameer won’t be able to manage well in Aazaadgunj.




Kulfi Kumar


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