Spoilers 7th December 2019

Muskaan saves Roshni from the big fall. She scolds Roshni for risking her life always. She tells that she is her caring friend. Nisha sees Muskaan there. She doesn’t let Ronak see Muskaan. Ronak wonders why is she behaving weird. He takes her home. Nisha fakes a fall to get his help. Principal angrily scolds Muskaan for not meeting Khushi’s parents. She asks Muskaan to fix a meeting with Khushi’s dad. Sir ji buys Gajra for Muskaan. Roshni makes Muskaan ready for the performance. This breaks down Muskaan. Muskaan tries to connect to Ronak, while Nisha hinders.

Kahaan HKT


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Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya

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