Spoilers 6th January 2020

Gudiya Hamari Sab Pe Bhari:
Muddu’s friend suggests him to elope. Muddu is about to elope when Nanhe lal catches him and tells that he doesn’t want to do anything but it seems like he has to give them Prasad. He aims the gun at Muddu and shoots in air. Muddu, his friend and Hukum are shocked. The premarriage function begins in Gudiya’s house. Sarla applies haldi to gudiya first, followed by others.

Bahu Begum:
Azaan is shocked to know that someone is giving poison to Razia so that she doesn’t recover in her lifetime. He asks the Doctor to treat her. Noor tells Azaan that she got an offer to convert begum mahal as the 7-star hotel. Azaan says I will not go anywhere. Noor says if you want to stay here then shall give 1 lakh rent within 24 hours else I will throw all of you out from here.

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