Spoilers 6th August 2019

Shakti: Vedant shocks Soumya by revealing to her that he knows that she went to meet Harman. He throws the glass bottle near her and asks her to walk on the glass pieces if she has courage. Harman waits for Soumya and is about to drink wine. Soumya steps on the glass pieces to go to meet Harman. Vedant is shocked. Soumya says she can do anything for her Harman ji. She walks out of house with her injured feet to stop Harman from drinking wine.

Ek Bhram Sarvagunn Sampanna: Kabir resigns the job. He quits his revenge motives. He wants to start a new life. He wants to forget the past. Pooja gets emotional and misses her parents. Pooja gets troubled by Chopra again. She learns that the fashion show will be a flop if the show stopper doesn’t arrive on time. Pooja finds a solution. She decides to walk the ramp.

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  1. what makers wanted to do they did that.show main leap lane ke liye Harman ko ek aurat ke wajah se baap bana jaroori tha.jo makers ne bana diya finally.they don’t care for that they have spoiled Harman character.the entire 3 years love story which was pure,clean,unconditional went all into vain.they just closed their eyes from that.thats the reason Vivian also left the show.just for the leap they spoiled the whole effort of last 3 years.which was really very disgusting.its so shameful.never believed makers will make a Shakti show a mokery of last 3 years efforts.there are no words left for these makers.evil wins.mahi ,preeto,harak all did it happen by their plan which Harman is not aware.infact raavi,Sindhu no one is ever about this planning done by preeto.which was very wrong by ethics.now Harman cannot fight back for this.they made him helpless.the day when he knew he reacted,but Harman ko silent karne ke liye preeto harak ne jhooth bol diya ki woh Mazak tha.ab perpously preeto ne saumya se bulwa diya because she knew Harman ko saumya convince kar legi.so wrong it is.preeto selfish,wicked woman used saumya & Harman for her own wish.we really wished it must be a false news & Harman finds out from mahi the truth.he secretly finds out the truth & then he teaches a very good lesson & punish preeto for telling him fake news.but makers wants to end HARMAN SAUMYA relation so that they can go for leap by Harmans child.very dissaponting,shameful,such a big betrayal to Harman but what confidentally she tells Harman yes it is true mahi is pregnant with your child.and that bluddy manly ugly female is so happy that she got the rights for Harman & he will accept her.and it will happen the same by makers.very heartbraeaking ending of Vivian show Shakti.shit what a shit.beautiful love story ended in disaster of waris track finally.the dedication of love towards a kinner by Harman character that he will never be a father from any woman & part his love from saumya failed.his promise from himself that Harman ki zindagi,uski jaan,uska dil,uska jism sirf saumya ka hain woh fail ho gaya.uska vada tooth gaya jo usne apne aap se kiya tha apne marne tak.aur yeh ghatiya kam mahi ne kiya preeto aur harak ki help se.such a pr*stitute woman is mahi.shit.bahut hi ganada kar diya show ko

  2. Never thought makers will make shakti into a dirty show.that pr*stitute mahi & that rapist vedant with preeto.these three people spoiled Harman & saumyas life.that mahi what a shameful woman.still not able to believe such womans are there in this world.just because she is married to Harman she took advantage of him because he is a very good & clean soul.disgusting.what a cheapness.mahi se toh achi woh nachnewali mohini thi.us profession main ho kar bhi usne harak singh ka fayda nahin uthaya aur na hi Harman ke saath kabhi aisi harkat ki.ek nachnewali ho kar bhi usne Harman ki help ki jab saumya ki memory loss hui thi.harman aur saumya ka unconditional,pure love ko support kiya aur Harman ki help ki.saumya ek kinner hote hue uski help ki.infact legally still mahi cannot be harmans wife,because Harman and saumya are still not divorced.but preeto jaisi ghatiya aurat apne bête ko drugged karke aurat ke saath sula sakti hain apne waris ke liye toh usne fake papers bana ke Harman saumya ka divorce kara diya hoga.as it is rajat is missing in this show.everything is wrong & illegal in this show what is happening except Harman saumya unconditional love.but preeto ne use bhi ganda car diya.shit.

  3. Yes very true everything dirty in this show.vedant preeto & mahi.mahi & vedant are the dirtiest character in this show.feels like spitting on these both.feels like us bastard vedant aur us pr*stitute mahi ko gande gatar aur kichad,main dal dal kar phek de.cannot tolerate to see these two mahi & vedant.whatever they are doing in this show they must be really killed & thrown in drainage.

  4. Feels very bad for Harman.his parents used him for their own selfishness.he is so helpless that he completely broke.and that shameless characterless woman mahi & characterless vedant are still alive & these makers are making them next lead of the show shakti.makers ruined the purity,ethics,unconditional love of the show between Harman & saumya went into vain.ek clean love story ka insult kar diya makers ne.they must be ashamed of themselves.last 3 years ka love story barbad kar diya.shameless people & they want to continue it with a leap.good vivian leaving the show.his image & character is been spoiled by makers by bringing this track.uska 3 sal ke pure,clean,unconditional love ka mazak bana diya us mahi ko pregnant bana ke.

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