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Soumya falls in bigger trouble, since Nani feels Soumya is pregnant. She keeps Soumya’s baby shower function. Soumya will be having a dance performance once again. Soumya dances with Raavi. Nani celebrates happiness. Nani sings for welcoming the new member of the family. Preeto tries to stop Nani from hurting Soumya’s sentiments. Nani isn’t aware of Soumya’s truth. Soumya keeps Nani’s heart and celebrates with everyone. She gets sad.

Jiji Maa:

The family gets a huge shock when they learn that Shreya is being tortured by her husband. Falguni doubts on Shreya. She follows Shreya and gets to see Shreya bearing the tortures at her home. She saves Shreya from that man and gets her home. She asks the family to accept Shreya, as Shreya is genuine and didn’t lie about Chiku, they can’t send Shreya and Chiku to that torturing man again. Shreya steals some costly antiques. Uttara finds some decorative antiques missing and yells at the servant to know about it. She asks them to find the antiques. Uttara catches Shreya red-handed and checks her bags.

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