Spoilers 6th April 2019


Sameer finds Chakor in trouble when he reaches Shroff mansion. He witnesses Chakor bearing Anjor’s insulting words. He takes Chakor home. He asks Chakor why is she tolerating Anjor’s madness and misbehavior. He asks her not to work for Shroffs. Chakor reveals to him that Anjor is her daughter, for whom she had come to the city. Sameer gets a big shock knowing this. He doesn’t know how can Anjor treat her mother like this. He tells Chakor that Anjor can’t insult her like this. He wants to confront Anjor and scold her.

Rajaa Beta: Ramesh accuses Vedant of killing his first child. Gomti gets tensed hearing him. Purva tells Ramesh that Vedant can’t harm anyone even by mistake, so how can this be possible. She asks Dadi to tell, it was a lie. Gomti tells her that Vedant might be God for her, but he is a murderer and will always be. Purva tells everyone that she will get the stain from Vedant’s forehead and shows her strong belief on Vedant. Gomti is the accused of Ramesh’s elder son death and had put the blame on Vedant to save herself from Ramesh. Vedant is bearing his hatred since his childhood because of the crime, he didn’t do.

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