Spoilers – 5th October 2015


Indravati asks Simar whom was she talking on phone. Simar says no one, I was thinking when will Prem and Toli get fine. Indravati says she will keep a big puja to free Prem and Roli, and entire Bharadwaj family will have to attend it. She says she will return after giving happiness to Simar. Simar makes excuse and leaves, while thinking whose call was it. Indravati says deceive happens even in these times. Indravati plans to ditch Simar, while Simar gets an old pic of Simar in Indravati’s diary. Indravati wants to revenge from Simar, whom she regards Padmavati. Indravati lost the dance competition and her love to Padmavati in her old birth.


Tiwari gets a new getup to donate blood in the blood donation organized by Anita. Tiwari ji has become a gentleman and is trying to impress Anita. Angoori sees him and asks what happened to him. Tiwari ji faints after donating blood. Vibhuti used this chance and slaps Tiwari seeing him unconscious. Angoori tries to make him conscious bv making him smell stinking socks. Tiwari gets conscious. Vibhuti hides and troubles Tiwari. Tiwari asks for a glass of milk, which Vibhuti spoils. Tiwari spits it and asks Angoori about mixing something in it. Vibhuti enjoys Tiwari’s state.

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Chakor to win marathon race; Family gets against Bhaiya ji…

Sooraj and Sandhya succeed in Mission Mahabali…

Simar realizes Indravati and Padmavati’s past; Rebirth twist starts…

  1. Nancy Philip

    is the jailer within his rights to set a convict free.

  2. Now Don’t tell me that Simar was Indravatie’s sister in her first birth…

  3. YHM plsssss

  4. Swaragini spoiler s confusing….start swaSan track

  5. please piyarangrez spoilers …..
    i am eagerly waiting for that.hoping piyarangrez in next spoilers

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