Spoilers 5th August 2018

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Mandira and Vijay come on a picnic. Mandira gets Bulbul with them to make her work as a servant. She wants Bulbul to die and prove that its an accident. Mandira and Bulbul have a fight. Mandira humiliates Bulbul to provoke Vijay. Vijay acts mad to scare Mandira and gets a knife. Mandira thinks to use this chance and trap him in his own plan. Mandira pushes Vijay so that Bulbul gets stabbed by him. Mandira kills Bulbul by using Vijay. Vijay can’t believe that he has stabbed Bulbul accidentally. He feels lost in life. Mandira injects Vijay to faint him. She then tells him that he has killed Bulbul. He gets mad thinking of his crime. She thinks once Bulbul is out of their lives, everything will be fine.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam gets a farewell from home. She is going to Pakistan with her biological mother Aayat. She hugs Madiha and others. Everyone cries on Mariam’s leaving. Mariam too gets sad to leave her family. She just thinks to cure Aayat soon and come back to her family. The family members love Mariam a lot and can’t see Mariam’s departure. Majaaz consoles Madiha and hugs her. He assures that Aayat will keep Mariam fine.

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