Spoilers — 5th August 2016


There is leap in SSK. Anjali and Piyush have grown up. Simar has come across Anjali. Simar works as caretaker in some family, and stays with her son Piyush. Piyush calls Anjali a drunkard and asks Simar why did she got Anjali home. Anjali gets a call from home. Before Simar answers the call, the phone battery goes dead. Simar feels some connection with Anjali, but fails to know about Anjali’s family. Simar will be having a new look in the show.


Rishi shouts on his mother. He still loves Tanu, and gets angry on his mother, who speaks against Tanu. Rishi changed in 18 years, but he is still madly in love with Tanu. Rishi’s mother still hates Tanu and tells Rishi that Tanu did magic on Rishi and made him mad, its good she died. She is irritated as Rishi did not understand them and broke his marriage with Malika. Rishi tells his mother that he will never marry Malika. Rishi gets to know that Malika is not a good person.

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    I Love Tanshi

  2. leap is nice in ssk

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