Spoilers 5th April 2019 Revised

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer and Zara have sweet and happy moments after a long time. They didn’t get time for each other due to the hurdles they face every now and then. Their romance is seen once again. Kabeer and Zara stay relieved and clear their misunderstandings. Kabeer is proud of his wife. Zara wants him to change his orthodox thinking. She always tries to improve his thinking so that he thinks in more broader way. She knows how to cheer him up. They happily spend time and have a laugh.

Maai gets fed up of Dhanak. She knows Raghu will always take Dhanak’s side. She gives a final ultimatum to Dhanak. She asks Dhanak to either choose her family or her career. Maai gets support by her old friend Neelima. Maai had planned this to create a stir in Dhanak’s life. She wants to break Dhanak’s IPS dreams. She gives Dhanak a tough choice. Dhanak doesn’t know what to choose, and gets in tension.

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Kulfi Kumar

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