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Ananya is falling in love with Shiv, whom she wanted to oust from her house. She happily dances with her love realization. Shiv isn’t aware of her feelings. Mohini does black magic. Shiv learns that Ananya is Mansi, whom was attacked by him before. His inner devil tries to take over his senses. Shiv chants mantras and tries to control his devil. He prays and promises to protect Ananya, who is his childhood love Mansi. He loves Mansi a lot and doesn’t want his inner devil to kill her.

Nimki Vidhayak:
Sweety tells Elena that she had written an essay on mother in her college days. She recalls Anaro. She doesn’t want to tell her anything about Anaro. Abhimanyu asks her to think about Anaro, who is going to enter Nimki’s house. He tells her that they also have a responsibility towards Anaro. He asks why should they forget Anaro and put the burden on poor Nimki, whose life is already messed up. Sweety doesn’t want Anaro to harm them. She asks if Nimki told this to him. She doesn’t want Nimki’s favors.

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