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Jiji Maa:

Suyash gets trapped for a serious crime. Rawat’s factory catches fire. Suyash goes to the factory to know about workers’ welfare. Police raids the factory and finds drugs and liquor in a truck. Suyash gets arrested and blames him for running illegal business. Falguni tries to save Suyash. Inspector interrogates Suyash. Falguni stays in the police station to support him. Jayant and Vidhaan also support Suyash. They wish Suyash comes clean out of the messy case. Jayant attempts to get Suyash bailed. Inspector humiliates Jayant and Suyash, and counts Uttara’s crimes.


Shamsher has ousted Roop from the house, but he gets a shelter at Palak’s house. Roop doesn’t know that Palak is in love with him. Palak can’t see Roop hurt. Palak gets upset on knowing about Roop and Ishika’s growing friendship. Palak fights with Roop. She asks Roop where is he going so urgently. Roop doesn’t tell her and goes to meet Ishika. Palak follows him. She gets jealous on seeing them together, Roop and Ishika have a moment. Ishika falls for Roop and feels he is a nice person. Roop hears her talking like him. He gets happy that she has accepted his friendship.

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