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Jiji Maa:
The DNA reports bring out the truth that Suyash is the father of Chiku. Suyash accepts Chiku, doubting about his relation with Shreya. Suyash bonds with Chiku. She asks him to sing a lullaby for her. She asks Suyash why is he silent, they will sing and dance, she missed him a lot till now. He asks her to sleep. Chiku insists him to sing. Shreya scolds Chiku and asks her to sleep. She apologizes to Suyash. She says sorry, we have come between you and Falguni this way, I didn’t wish to spoil your marriage, I just came for Chiku, I will try my best that you don’t face any problems because of me. Falguni had much belief in Suyash, and gets surprised seeing the situation. Shreya promises Suyash that she will come between Suyash and Falguni.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Reva tells Aman that everyone is mean and agrees to keep her heart. Aman says they are not mean, but honest. He says they are honest as they love you a lot and whoever loves you, can’t betray you. Reva looks at him. Puri and his wife agree for Rohit and Setu’s marriage. Rohit calls Setu and congratulates her. She asks are you serious? Rohit tells her that mom and dad agreed. Setu gets happy. Her mum asks Rohit to keep Setu happy as she got the happiness with much difficulty. Rithvik and Palak realize their love for each other.

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