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Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Bulbul and Dadi reach a market. Bulbul tries to find a girl Aaliya. She meets someone and suspects her to be Aaliya. Bulbul has a motive behind this. She gets much attached with Aaliya. She feels Aaliya is in some trouble. She visits Aaliya’s home and finds Aaliya much sorrowful. She asks Aaliya what’s the problem bothering her. Bulbul stays worried for the little girl. Bulbul hopes to find her problem and help her. The track of child trafficking will be seen next.


Raavi has increased Harman’s problems. A new enemy enters the house to trouble Harman. Jeet tries to dominate Harman. Harman scolds him and reminds his limits. Jeet asks Harman to marry Jasleen, if he wants him to marry Raavi. Jasleen stops Jeet and Harman’s arguments. Jeet asks Harman to continue his dramas, but he will not tolerate anything at all. He threatens Harman in front of the family. Preeto gets speechless. Jeet blackmails Harman. He holds Raavi’s pregnancy secret. He tells Harman that entire family can shattered if their reputation gets ruined. He threatens of revealing the secret to the society, so that the society throws them out of the pind.

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