Spoilers 30th March 2019

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Saraswati and Durga try to burn Akshat’s dead body to end all the evidences. Durga scares Saraswati to support her in the crime. Akshat dies, while Guddan and family mourn for her. Police blames Guddan for Akshat’s death. Guddan tries to prove her innocence. Angad is planning the evil things. He gets shagun chunri for widow Guddan and tells her that he will marry her, since this was Akshat’s last wish.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Arya does Guddu’s final rites. Sahil meets Arya to apologize to her. Arya slaps Sahil and blames him for ruining her life. She tells him that she won’t regard him her father again, she has no relations with him or Vedika. She breaks all ties with Sahil and Vedika, since Sahil has turned her into a widow. She is in trauma over Guddu’s loss. She thinks Sahil and Vedika will never understand her sorrow. Vedika has to prove Sahil’s innocence.

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  1. without a doubt pari and her love; misti is a no talking point she is in a forced relationship clutched in high hopes of proving her role but in love its never like that its like feeling free and just having a beautifull journey ahead

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