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Krishna Chali London:

Krishna gets questioned by Radhe again. She conceals about her meeting with Prashant regarding tax issues. She doesn’t tell him the truth, which rages him again. Radhe has seen her with Prashant and gets suspicious. Krishna learns that Prashant has completed the tax filing. Shukla faces a IT raid and gets worried. He tries to stop the raid and gets beaten up in the process. Radhe can’t see his dad’s miserable state. He blames Krishna for everything. Krishna fails to save Shukla. She upsets the entire family, who misunderstands her. Krishna doesn’t succeed to reach Prashant for help. Radhe gets instigated by Shukla.

Papa By Chance:

Yuvaan decides to stay at the old house, which was bought by his dad and gifted to his friend Baldev many years ago. He meets Amrit. While he tries to explain his homeless situation to her, he ends up arguing. He tells her that he also has a right on the house, as his dad gifted the house to her dad. Amrit tells him that she can just give him the permission to live with them, but they will not tolerate the kids. The kids argue with Yuvaan, and scold him for leaving them alone. Amrit asks them to shut up. She dislikes the kids. She tells Yuvaan that if he is planning to live with the kids, he won’t succeed, they will never share the house with many people. Yuvaan gets insulted because of his mom.

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Krishna Chali London

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