Spoilers — 30th August 2016


Harman does not care of Soumya’s truth. He wants to change Soumya and make her know world. He shows the smart phone to Soumya and clicks a selfie with her. He asks her to use smart phone and gifts her. Soumya did not know how to use the phone. Harman feels to give her easy to access phone, and gets a feature phone for her personal use. He asks her to call Nimmi and Surbhi whenever she wants. Harman’s mum wants to know Soumya’s problem. Harman and Soumya’s friendship is starting. Soumya calls Nimmi with her new phone. She misses Surbhi and Nimmi.


Rishabh helps Raina in tying her kurti thread. She asks him not to help, as she can manage it. He tells her he has done this many times and he can tie the thread without seeing her. She asks how can he tie without seeing her. He hugs her and ties the backlace by much difficulty, as he never did that before. He lies to Raina to not let her feel awkward. Romantic song plays in the background.

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  1. Aww so that Harman is soft spot is showing now ???

  2. Happy about Shakti spoiler

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