Spoilers 2nd August 2019

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki: Lakhan is about to shoot Badal, but his friends come to his rescue. His mum takes out the firewood from the kitchen and threatens Lakhan. Badal aims the gun at Lakhan and asks his men to tell Pujan Pandey to give him a guarantee that his family will not have any danger, then only he will see Lakhan’s alive face. The goons come to Pujan Pandey and convey Badal’s message that Lakhan is in his captivity. Pujan Pandey gets angry and tells that he will kill him. Suman hears him and picks up the gun to protect Badal. Badal’s mum refuses to accept Suman till her last breath. Badal tells her that he loves her a lot. His mum asks him to choose between Suman and them.


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Star Bharat

Kasauti ZK

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