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Internet Wala Love:
Shubhankar gets drunk at some bar. He gets troubled by some men. Jai gets to help Shubhankar. He stops the fight and takes Shubhankar with him. Aadhya gets worried when Jai brings Shubhankar home. Shubhankar is upset after seeing the video of Jai and Aadhya’s love confession. Shubhankar is disturbed because of Jai. He wants Jai to be away from Aadhya.
for Sameer.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Pankti leaves from the mandap and tricks her mum. Her mum wanted Pankti to sit in mandap and marry Sahil. Pankti gets Vedika in the mandap. She makes Sahil marry Vedika. Sahil and Vedika get married by all the rituals. The suspense ends. Pankti’s mum asks her what did she do. Pankti tells her that she can’t separate Vedika and Sahil. She asks her mum not to threaten of suicide. Sahil and Vedika get happily married, and take pictures with their family. They get everyone’s best wishes.

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