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Harak kept the divorce condition in front of Preeto. He doesn’t want Soumya’s identity truth to come out. Mohini’s plan fails. Preeto gets strong and answers Mohini. She blackmails Harak. Soumya asks Harak to give same respect to Preeto if he wants her secret to be under wraps. Harak agrees to Soumya. Mohini asks Harak how can he agree. He asks her to calm down. Mohini doesn’t understand what’s happening with her. Harak doesn’t want his respect to suffer. He asks Mohini to obey Preeto. Preeto makes Mohini work as maid and troubles her.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Vijay accepts Bulbul and gives her a wife’s status. He takes a stand for her, when he finds bulbul facing villagers’ wrath. He defends Bulbul from the angry mob. The people misunderstand Bulbul and hurt her. Vijay gets angry on them. He asks them who are they to punish Bulbul, who gave them a right to hurt her, Bulbul is his wife. Bulbul gets glad. Vijay tells Bulbul that she is her responsibility. Vijay wants to protect her. He is falling in love with Bulbul. He can’t see her in trouble.

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