Spoilers 28th November 2019

Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein:
Yogi’s love story begins. Yogi and Pari become a couple. The family doubts on him when they find him very happy. Yogi tells them that he is really happy. Everyone teases him about Pari. Vivek and Rani help Yogi to go on a date. Rani asks Yogi’s mum to let Pari go to the hospital, since she has an appointment with the patient. Pari understands their efforts. Yogi plans a romantic date for Pari. They have sweet moments.

Jadu Jinn Ka: Aman leaves Roshni on the roads. She goes to Salma’s house and shares her sorrow. Saima gets troubled by the MMS. Saima asks her to come home as soon as possible. Roshni is blocked by Aman. She enters the house by the window. She meets Saima and asks the matter. Saima shows her the MMS and tells her that someone is blackmailing her. Roshni asks her to know the demands of the blackmailer.

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