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Viraj and Sitara have cute moments. Viraj is irritated that she is disturbed him all the time. Sitara has to stay with him for his protection. He teases her to make her away. He tells her that she can’t break into his personal space. He doesn’t get time to stay alone. He tricks Sitara. Nethra wants to take Viraj out with her for a purpose. Viraj has no idea about the threat on him. Nethra tells him about her surprise plan. Sitara has promised her dad that she will protect Viraj always. Viraj doesn’t believe in such superstitions, but is compelled by his parents to have Sitara around him always. Vishkanya will be attacking Viraj.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi messages Deep when she falls in trouble. Deep reaches her and saves her from the goons. He bashes the goons and shows his madness for Aarohi. He can’t see Aarohi getting humiliated. Tara has put Aarohi in trouble by blackmailing her. Aarohi has faced the humiliation just for Deep’s sake. Deep and Aarohi have a moment. Deep’s love reflects in his eyes. Aarohi starts believing again that Deep really loves her. Deep protects her esteem and takes her along.

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