Spoilers 27th May 2017


Sameera provokes Ricky. Ricky confronts Gopi for slapping Sameera. Ricky gets angry seeing the slap marks on Sameera’s cheeks. Lady asks Kokila what’s happening, Kokila’s bahu is beaten up badly. Sameera shows that she is facing domestic violence by bad inlaws. Everyone wonder who has slapped Sameera. Ricky shouts on Gopi. He says there was no peaceful day till now here, since my marriage, you always taunted Sameera, I was quiet thinking everything will get fine, you have to answer me. Sameera has done this planning.


Karan misses Naina and weeps. He can’t bear the distance. He keeps thinking of Naina. He does not know what he is feeling and why. He is upset as Meghna has taken Naina away. Meghna does not want Naina to catch Karan’s allergy. Karan goes out of the room and looks for Naina. Karan thinks Naina will come to meet him. Naina always gets breakfast for him. Meghna gets breakfast for him. He says I understand your fear regarding Naina, you have taken right step to keep Naina away.

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