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Gayu hides her problems from Naira and makes excuses. She doesn’t want anyone to know about them. Kartik adds a streak of romance to have fun in holi. Lav and Kush always come as a savior for Kartik and Naira. They give a chance to romance to Kaira. The families understand that Kaira needs some Alone time to be together. Kartik and Naira find ample time to romance and express love. Kartik doesn’t want her to leave him ever in his life.

Krishna Chali London:
Shivani blames Krishna for breaking her marriage. She scolds Krishna and Veer. Krishna slaps Shivani and exposes her truth. She asks Shivani how dare she puts their lives in risk. Shivani was mad in anger, when she planned to kill Krishna. Veer became the prey of her anger. Veer survives the accident and learns Shivani’s evil plans. Shivani and Krishna have a cat fight. Krishna tells Sunaina that Shivani had been evil minded since she re-entered Veer’s life.

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