Spoilers 25th May 2018 Revised

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Pankaj’s truth has come out. The family celebrates together. Mandira wants attention of everyone. She sits sad away and doesn’t join the party. Dadi asks her to come to them. Mandira tells them that she is just a guest, she isn’t family. She gets their attention. She wants to see if Vijay has sympathy for her, if he realizes that she has helped her. She wants to have a place in his heart. Vijay apologizes to her and feels he has ruined her life. She wants to create love in Vijay’s heart again. Dadi blesses everyone. Mandira wins the challenge given by Dadi. Vijay asks Dadi to give another chance to Bulbul. Dadi agrees to Vijay, but she has a liking for Mandira. Bulbul feels cornered.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:
Devika gets a unique Grahpravesh. Daksh’s um welcomes Devika home. Devika has unwillingly married Daksh for Varun’s medical treatment. Varun and Devika enter the house together, which upsets Daksh. Devika worries when Varun gets inside the room and attacks Daksh with a stone. Varun ruins the room decorations. Devika is just concerned for Varun, as he is mentally a child. Daksh doesn’t want Varun to irritate him. Daksh loses the ring which he was gifting Devika. Daksh gets angry on Varun and throws out Varun. He scolds Varun for coming between Devika and him. Varun sits outside the door till the morning. Daksh’s mum objects on Varun’s stay in her house. Devika cares for Varun and calms him.

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