Spoilers 25th January 2019 Revised

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi New entry: Jaya forgets Samar’s birthday. She compensates for this and arranges a surprise date for him. She celebrates his birthday. They spend some good time together. Samar cuts the cake and compliments her for the arrangements. Jaya feeds him the cake. Jaya shares a romantic moment with him. She recalls Satya’s memories and breaks the momnt. Jaya doesn’t know what is Satya planning. Satya has a new plan and wants to get Jaya remarried. She wants Samar out of Jaya’s life. She invites a guy to fix the alliance. Samar learns about Satya’s plans. He seeks help from Nani. Nani assures him that everything will be fine.

Harman and Soumya have lost the battle in the panchayat. They want to fight for Soham. Soumya wants to get Soham’s custody. Varun tells them that Soham is his child. Varun gets his family to get support. Harman and Soumya refuse to give Soham to Varun. Varun tells them that he has started his job and earns money. The panchayat tells Soumya that Varun is able to raise the child and now he will be keeping him. Varun snatches Soham from Soumya. Soumya cries for Soham. She asks Harman to do anything, but get Surbhi’s child back, since Varun doesn’t love Soham, Varun is doing everything for revenge. Harman promises to get their son back.

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