Spoilers 25th December 2018 Revised

Chakor cries seeing Anjor. Anjor hugs Chakor and asks her the reason for her tears. Chakor is going to tell the big truth to Anjor that Suraj is no more. She finds it hard to tell her. She asks Anjor if she is strong like her. Anjor tells her that she is very strong and can bear any truth. Chakor tells Anjor that Suraj is dead. Anjor receives a big shock. Chakor tells Anjor that Raghav is not her father, he is Suraj’s look alike, Raghav has come home just for her recovery, her health shouldn’t come back.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Mohini is upset seeing Prerna bonding with Anurag and the family. She regrets on Moloy’s decision to hire Prerna. She asks Prerna to focus on her job, than bonding with guests. Mohini wants Prerna to maintain some discipline. She gets Prerna’s phone to keep it away. She happens to answer her phone. Before she could speak to Shivani. the latter blurts out Prerna’s love for Anurag. Shivani wants to know if Prerna has made the love confession to Anurag in the party.

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Yeh Un Dinon KBH


Ishq SubhanAllah

Yeh Rishta KKH

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Kasauti Zindagi Kay


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