Spoilers 25th August 2018

Jiji Maa:
Shreya meets Chiku for the final time. She leaves Chiku with Falguni. She asks Falguni to become Chiku’s guardian. She realizes that she is reaping the sorrow because of her bad deeds. Shreya changes into a good person. She surrenders to police. She wants to come back for Chiku. She apologizes to Chiku for cheating her with fake death scene. She gets emotional, but admits her mistake. She tells Chiku that Suyash isn’t her dad. She wants Chiku to be with Suyash and Falguni, till she returns from jail.

Meera’s bond with Sunny makes Vivaan jealous. Vivaan then learns that Sunny is helping Meera, he is not going to marry Meera. Vivaan happily hugs Sunny and gets a big relief. Meera tells Vivaan that she just loves him. Vivaan is happy that Meera and Sunny are faking friendship and alliance so that Meera can unite with Vivaan. Meera will sort Silky’s problem. Vivaan and Silky’s marriage gets fixed because of Silky’s drama.

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Jiji Maa

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