Spoilers 24th April 2019

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Sahil and Vedika are seen in their new journey. Maasi wants Vedika to marry an aged man, since Vedika is a divorcee. Vedika refuses to marry the aged man. She wants to lead her life on her terms. Sahil meets Vedika by coincidence and helps her. He watches Vedika’s bold avatar, when she takes the class of her aunt and that aged man. He applauds for Vedika and falls in love with her thoughts. He meets her and tells her that he has started admiring her. They have a moment in the rains. She fails some strange connection with Sahil. Their fate brings them together once again. Sahil and Vedika will be gradually becoming friends.

Yeh Rishte HPK:
Parul goes to guard Mishti and Kuhu. She tells them that she will free them once Ketki and Ved get married. Mishti and Kuhu get much worried for Ketki’s future. Abir and Kunal are very happy for Ketki’s marriage. Abir teases Ved. He asks Kunal to find Mishti and Kuhu. Kunal doesn’t see them anywhere. He misses to find them locked. He enjoys the marriage function. Abir looks for them. Parul opens the door when she sees Abir coming. Mishti tells Kuhu that they can’t let Ketki’s life get ruined.

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Kulfi Kumar

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