Spoilers 23rd July 2020


Soham and Heer get insulted by Virat’s family. Parmeet tells that Virat doesn’t want to marry Heer, he doesn’t want to see her face or talk to her. Heer wants to confront Virat. When Daljeet goes to hit her, Soham comes in between and stops him. He scolds them for making Heer wait for the baraat and deceiving her. Sant asks him not to misbehave with them. Parmeet tells Heer that Virat doesn’t want her in his life, he has told this to them, its his decision. Gurinder cries for Heer. Heer tells them that Virat promised to marry her. Soham rages on seeing the wrong happening.



Kumkum Bhagya

Kundali Bhagya

Barister Babu

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