Spoilers 23rd July 2018 Revised

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha:
There will be big twists in Kanchan and Vishesh’s marriage. Kanchan and her family are really happy, while Vishesh’s relatives aren’t happy with the forming relations. Manika and Ananya find out Kanchan’s past. They learn the entire truth and try to stop the marriage by making the shocking revelation in front of everyone. Vishesh dances with Nandan happily. He awaits his bride Kanchan. Kanchan looks stunning in her bridal look. Vishesh and Kanchan exchange the garlands and proceed for the marriage rituals. Manika poses problems for them, and uses Ananya as the frontier.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Tara injures herself in anger. Deep finds her injury and gets her treated. Tara wants to know if Deep loves Aarohi. She is obsessed for Deep. She can’t bear anyone in Deep’s life again. Deep clears it to her that he just loves her, why will he believe any random girl. He believes Tara is Aarohi, whom he married willingly. Meanwhile, Anjali/the real Aarohi runs away from the mental asylum. She makes a new friend, who helps her meet Deep. Deep and Tara learn about her escape. Deep spots Aarohi and follows her to get her caught. He misses her. She flees and tries to secure herself from Tara.

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  1. Ishq Main Marjawa
    This show has been ruined, bringing a new actress as the lead character was a huge mistake, it doesn’t matter how good she may be. You can’t expect the viewers to accept that Aarohi has a new face and Tara pretended to be a good girl after the wedding. Its offensive to the viewers that writters and producer consider that we would like these changes.

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