Spoilers 23rd January 2020

Nimki Vidhayak:

Nimki gives her an idea and asks Ganga to elect her falsely. She tells that she will pass he honor to Ganga. Ganga likes the idea. She gets tricked. She asks Nimki to contest as the CM. She tells Nimki to take her name on the stage and withdraw. Nimki fools her saying she worships Ganga Devi. She agrees to step back on time. Ganga thinks she will be becoming the CM again. Nimki wants to cheat her. Anaro recalls her old days. She misses the family. Dadi tells Anaro that she doesn’t want to fight. She tells that Babbu and Mintu are same. She decides to stay well with Anaro and keep Mintu happy. She tells that Nimki will take care of Babbu.

Yeh Rishta

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Nimki Vidhayak


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