Spoilers 23rd December 2019

Nimki Vidhayak:
Dadi is much angry on Ganga. She is afraid that Ganga will snatch Mintu. She hugs Mintu and cries. She tells Anaro that Ganga will never come home. Anaro wants to call Ganga again. Dadi asks Mintu to promise, he will never keep terms with any politician. Anaro doesn’t understand. Ganga wants to find out about Anaro and Mintu. Mishra tells Ganga that they have to find Nimki’s weakness to get her under control. There will be much drama. Mahua leaves for the beauty contest. Nimki asks Mahua to remember that she will always be a queen for Tunne. Mishra gets revengeful against Nimki. He knows that Nimki loves her family a lot.

Meri Gudiya:
Madhuri meets with a deadly attack while plans a day out with her daughter Avi. She is a very protective mother. She wants to always protect Avi from the evil forces. She proves her love for Avi by returning to her. Madhuri dies, but her soul wanders. Her soul reaches Avi and enters the doll to always be with Avi. Avi shares her emotional low with her doll, unaware that the doll has Madhuri’s soul in it. The doll smiles, cries and plays with Avi.

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