Spoilers 23rd December 2018

Perfect Pati:

Pushkar tortures Vidhi. He kidnaps her and shows his mad avatar to her. Vidhi struggles to get free. Pushkar tells her that she won’t be going anywhere. He tells her that he isn’t mad, but she has tried to prove him wrong in Rajshri’s eyes. He wants to punish her. Vidhi tries to escape from his clutches and shouts for help.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika started changing her look and behavior to please Sahil. She attends the school function with Ved and Sahil. Vedika and Sahil take part in the quiz contest. Sahil tells a story of a strong relationship, while thinking of Vedika and him. He gets drawn towards her. They win the first prize in the contest. Bhoomi doesn’t tolerate this sight and leaves from the function. Vedika tells Bhoomi that she will not leave Sahil, and even he won’t leave her, their love will always keep them together. Bhoomi wants to kill Vedika to get her love Sahil.

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Ishq SubhanAllah


Yeh Rishta KKH

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